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Gary Cornwell
St. Clair County Auditor



          Honesty in government. It’s a rare commodity in the St. Clair County building today.  Appointments and elected positions are reserved for Democratic Party family members and close friends in a “good ole boy” (and girl) atmosphere that only serves themselves, not the people.

But in this election cycle, you have a chance to change it for the better.

          A brave group of candidates are challenging the status quo. The St. Clair County Freedom Coalition represents positive change, with an emphasis on integrity and experience. I respectfully ask all citizens to choose Republican and support myself, Gary Cornwell, for the office of Auditor along with the other candidates of the St. Clair County Freedom Coalition. It is my pledge to you to take FULL responsibility for the office, and operate in a way that benefits the people, not the Democratic interests that are destroying our county from the inside. In the March 15th Primary election, support the candidates of the St. Clair County Freedom Coalition. CHOOSE THE PERSON, NOT THE PARTY.

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Last modified: 02/22/16